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W2P for your business?

Web-2-Print in business allows you to take control

For example, say you have multiple locations. Your employees need to order personalized business cards as well as static print items on a regular basis.

Normally you would have to hire someone to handle print ordering, and they would keep up with brand/corporate integrity, make sure that branches have up-to-date forms/collateral and provide basic communication between printer and branch employees.

Consistency is key

Brands aren't created over night. Why allow employees go to any quick-print with files that may not have good quality, may not have everything the printer needs, or worst of all, may contain outdated/incorrect logos and wrong information?

With W2P, no matter if 1 personalized business card is ordered or 1,000, they will all look the same and will adhere to company/corporate policy. W2P templates are created to exact customer specifications and are built to prevent human error with features like prefills and auto-format correction.

Static items are kept consistent and up-to-date with online previews. So, with 1 branch or many everyone is on the same page.

Timing is everything

If you are ordering today, why wait 2 or 3 days for a proof that may need additional changes? With W2P the proof is right there when you make the order and in the email confirming your order.

Bosses can monitor orders through the site or by order notification emails and approve orders (if needed), create reports and track hold stock. It's almost like having an extra employee!

But there is more...

Our B2B sites have more features than can be listed here, with a wide range of options to fit your business needs.

Let us know how we can help you enjoy print and contact us today.

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